Our Very Own Poutine - Curdz, Lovers, Sinners & Saints
What are we up to now?

Dine Alone Foods has its very own poutine at Curdz Poutinerie (Burlington, ON). It comes with an Alexisonfire inspired name - Curdz, Lovers, Sinners & Saints, a creation by chef Murray Zehr and Dine Alone Foods' Jordan Hastings! A classic poutine with BEER gravy, mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted garlic and shredded beef brisket with a very special Dine Alone Foods Northen Soul sweet chipotle BBQ sauce!!! Now does that get your mouth watering or what?

Be sure to head over to Curdz Poutinerie in the month of August to try this delicious poutine and for chance to win dinner with Jordan.

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